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about me

Hey there, welcome to my portfolio!

I’m a highly motivated software development professional with a strong foundation in technical expertise and leadership skills. With a Bachelor’s degree in Software Development and over 10 years of successful experience as a store manager, I bring a unique blend of qualities to the table.

Throughout my career, I’ve developed transferable skills that go beyond coding. I excel in effective communication, exceptional problem-solving, and maintaining a strong customer focus. Data analysis is another strength of mine, allowing me to make data-driven decisions that deliver results.

When it comes to technical prowess, I specialize in Java, JavaScript, and HTML/CSS. These languages form the core of my skill set, empowering me to build robust and dynamic applications.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my portfolio and learn more about me. If you’re interested in collaborating or have any questions, I’d be thrilled to connect with you and discuss how we can work together.